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Some recent garden management projects in London…

Here are a few photos from recent, local garden management and maintenance projects in South London and Greater London. If you see anything that you are interested in, contact us below and we will be happy to provide you with more information about the project.

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On the wild side crossing. Little
Miss this van, had to scrap as not ulez compliment. #grafiti art" ❤️
Echium pininana  an endangered plant due to habitat loss. Thriving in London. 4ft flowers that bees love. An architectural plant will look amazing when flowering 😍
Erigeron softens this pavment edge. Timelapsed Erigeron would be walking across the pavment.
Who needs a dog at work when resident fox plays around 😄
These two visited my garden eating apples off the floor. Then the crows came and pigeons had a go. 😄
Straw wonderful stuff … this space.
These cardoons are just perfect as a centrepiece though room to move another group of plants this autumn. #expandingstock #transplanting #gardening #hmgdns

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