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London garden restoration

Gardens may have become overgrown, even if maintained with good intentions, by being pruned incorrectly or effectively. Plant training may have been ignored allowing misshapen, dense and ‘out of scale’ plants. This can all be rectified to achieve ‘soft growth’ (the avoidance and removal of tight, dense bunching of plants ) – our desired goal when restoring a garden.

Rediscover, restore & maximise existing plants

This stage of garden management will need restorative work. Occasionally we will discover plants of ornamental value, small trees, roses, perennials and shrubs that were not pruned correctly and restorative work is required to maximise their potential. These plants can be harnessed to create the structured design scheme of your garden, an inherent existing value that we do not want to lose.

We don’t like to clear unnecessarily as, with the correct pruning and shaping, we like to preserve what we can and allow them to become outstanding plants, trees or shrubs. We do offer clearance when absolutely necessary i.e. as part of new planting scheme.

We are PA1/PA6 certified for herbicide spraying, preferably on hard standing surfaces (walking paths and drives). We only spray herbicide that is fully licensed. We are very responsible with our spraying tasks. 

Communal London Garden Restoration Projects

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Communal garden clearance – Before - South LondonCommunal garden clearance – After - South London
Garden clearance in South East London

Miranda has been engaged at our residential development for slightly more than a year. We have a large communal garden that had become tired and lost its way through lack of investment. Miranda provided a strong vision of the direction to take the garden and works with great energy to move it towards that goal. I have found her dependable and a pleasure to work with. I would be happy to recommend her to anyone looking for gardening services.  

Simon P (Oxted)

Recent garden restoration work

Birdsfoot trefoil a useful plant as well as a beautiful ground cover. This plant is a nitrogen fixer too.  Will make use of this plant. ⭐️#hmg-tree #hmg-hedge
#hmg-planting #hmg-seasonal

Garden needs restoration?

Are your garden, estate or grounds in a bit of a mess? Does your garden, estate or grounds need some restorative care? If you are in the South London area our team with over 30 years of experience can help with a garden restoration.