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Hedge and tree management for London

HM Gardens are happy to look after the smaller hedges and trees that are within our means and accessible from the ground or a tripod ladder.

Hedge maintenance and development

We enjoy looking after smaller hedges and like to get creative and experiment with alternative hedge shapes such as cloud pruning and topiary with suitable plants.

Tree maintenance & pruning

We will happily work with smaller trees, pruning those that are accessible from the ground or a tripod ladder, extended loppers or saw. For example, fruit trees will require pruning each year.

Shrimp Hedge shape - HM Gardens - South London Professional Garden Consultants

Recent hedge and tree management work

Birdsfoot trefoil a useful plant as well as a beautiful ground cover. This plant is a nitrogen fixer too.  Will make use of this plant. ⭐️#hmg-tree #hmg-hedge
#hmg-planting #hmg-seasonal

Do you need hedge or tree works?

Do you have a project involving trees or hedges in the South London area? Contact HM Gardens for a quote on implementing short, mid and long term plans for your gardens, both private and communal.