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Taking care of your London garden

Prior to starting a London garden project, the plot can often be a dark and oppressive sight with bare, bleak borders. However, after a few months to a year, light and plants start to really show their best and borders start to soften with colour. The garden begins to take on a whole new atmosphere.

Bringing out the best in your London garden spaces

It’s by no means an overnight job but we take great personal pride in all of our London gardens and you can rest assured that we are there for the long haul, where evolution never ends. So whether your garden in London is small or large, private or shared, we will always aim to bring out the best in your garden spaces as it makes our job the best job in the world.

We have a fairly big garden which is very challenging. Miranda is very knowledgeable and has a very keen eye. She has always given good advice as to what to plant, move and change around and she’s very good at implementing the plans. Miranda and her team are reliable, very hard working and nothing is too much trouble. She has done a fantastic job with our garden which is often complimented on by our visitors. Miranda is also very creative when needed and often at fairly short notice, she is able to arrange various garden scenes, for example Christmas. We are very happy with Miranda and her team.

Jane R (Upper Norwood)

Well managed communal London garden

Recent London Garden work

Birdsfoot trefoil a useful plant as well as a beautiful ground cover. This plant is a nitrogen fixer too.  Will make use of this plant. ⭐️#hmg-tree #hmg-hedge
#hmg-planting #hmg-seasonal

Does you garden need some TLC?

Are you looking for a team to restore, develop and possibly maintain your garden, estate or grounds? If your project is in the South London area, we can offer consultation on implementing short, mid or long term plans for your gardens, both private and communal.