Restoring, Developing & Maintaining

Gardens, Grounds & Estates

A Gardening Management Service for South London


We offer all aspects of garden maintenance, container planting, formal and naturalised planting.

We offer all year round maintenance, Autumn and winter work in preparation for Spring and Summer.

Regular visits, seasonal visits, one-offs large restoration, we have something to suit everyone.

We offer planting schemes supplying and planting with your home style and personality in mind to suit your home.

Get in contact by email or call and we will be in contact.

HM Gardens are fully equipped and have full liability insurance and PA1/PA6 certified, as a trade it is illegal to spray without this certificate.

We have Lower tier waste licence, we are licenced to carry green waste for trade.

Laying a new lawn
Open border with plenty of colour during May

Does your garden need a service?

Are you looking for garden (or grounds or estate) servicing in the South London area from a team with over 30 years of experience? We offer consultation on implementing long term plans for your garden, both private and communal.