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Patterson Road – Crystal Palace

Patterson Road, Crystal Palace, London SE19

Category ??: Best Gardens / Restoration / Development Project Award

This job is located in Crystal Palace, London SE19 and we attend to the site once a month. The garden was already designed and built but the client had no experience of how to look after the garden or maintain the design. Our client will book us in for January or February each year for the pruning of the fruit trees.

Location Requirements

  • Restoration 58% 58%
  • Development 25% 25%
  • Maintenance 30% 30%
Garden Maintenance Crystal Palace Penge South London SE19

Patterson Road Garden, Crystal Palace – Before work started

Garden Maintenance Crystal Palace Norwood South London SE19

These apple trees were overcrowded and were overshadowing the borders. So we implemented a 3-year cycle of pruning and only pruned 1/3 each year to avoid water shoots (????). Pruning would only occur Winter time. The trees are now much more open and will produce better fruit as a result.

Garden Maintenance Crystal Palace Norwood South London SE19

We also removed all the membranes under the borders which makes maintaining borders very difficult. We have been transplanting and adding new plants. The client likes naturalising his lawn so we allow primulas and also mushrooms to grow that appear, whilst we focus on other areas while they are sporing.

Garden Maintenance Crystal Palace Sydenham South London SE19

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