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HM Gardens Ltd. was founded in 2008 by Miranda Munday MCIHort MPGCA , a Full Member of The Chartered Institute of Horticulture and a Member of The Gardeners Guild. We have been restoring, developing and maintaining gardens,  grounds and estates ever since.

Professional London garden management

We specialise in the management of London communal gardens, as well as private sites. We create diversity in our gardens using core principles of horticulture, such as nurturing wildflower meadows whilst at the same time creating areas for practical use and aesthetic tranquillity. Operating with a small, dedicated and highly experienced team of horticulturalists, we offering a professional gardening management service to regular clients.

We specialise in restoring and developing gardens that have been neglected and lost their way over the years. The goal and  firm intention is maintaining long-term enhancement and the restoration of former glories or lost designs that have been long forgotten.

Our garden maintenance process in London

The initial visit with a new client involves troubleshooting and establishing the short and longer-term visions the customer may have in mind. Working together with the client, we devise a programme of works to suit their needs and budget.

Our main criterion is to work with all of the existing elements on a site, developing the positives and changing the negatives, paying attention to the wishes of all members who will be using the gardens – both private and communal.

We are able to work with all budgets, over and above our standard maintenance rates, and can either adapt existing schemes using cuttings or seeds, or provide a more exciting planting project if finances are made available.

I hired Miranda because my partner and I are too busy to look after our garden properly but want a nice space for relaxing and entertaining. Miranda completely understands our needs and never suggests planting that would be hard to maintain. We can trust her to make plant selections on our behalf and she’s always been highly reliable. If you are looking for a practical gardener who will ensure you have a great space in which to enjoy a glass of wine, Miranda is that person. April 14, 2013

Melanie Machan

Press Association, Senior Product Development Manager

Our London garden management ethos

We work in a traditional – almost ‘old-fashioned’ way – gaining the trust and mutual respect of our clients, showing them how we do things, and importantly, why. For example, we like to train plants with pruning techniques that create formal and soft, natural forms. Choosing a garden firm to maintain a site is often difficult for customers, and we rely on our reputation, gained over the years, as our most effective marketing device.

Constantly aware of the needs of wildlife of all types, we try and blend sound horticultural practices with the everyday needs of the flora and fauna, as well as the well-being of our clients. We take care of the health of the soil by attaining a good knowledge of the its’ biodiversity, encouraging a spectrum of insects and wildlife. We meet the cleints’ or residents’ requirements; by following the correct, recognised planting methods for ornamental, security and privacy needs.

We maintain an open and honest dialogue with customers at all times.

Finalists in the Horticultural Week Custodian of The Year Awards at Woburn in 2018

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We are seeking new projects…

Are you looking for garden and estate restoration, development and maintenance in the South London area from a team with over 30 years of experience? We offer consultation on implementing long term plans for your gardens, both private and communal.